Beefeater London Dry Gin 700ml/40%



Beefeater Gin contains nine different botanicals: juniperangelica root, angelica seeds, coriander seeds, liquoricealmondsorris rootseville oranges, and lemon peel. Unique to Beefeater's production is the steeping of the peel of lemons and Seville oranges, whole juniper berries and other natural botanicals for a full 24 hours prior to distillation. This long process allows for a full extraction of flavour from the botanicals, capturing a wide range of volatile oils. The distillation itself takes around eight hours to complete, overseen by master distiller Desmond Payne – with the spirit then taken to Scotland where it is blended and bottled at 40% ABV.

The recipe dates back to 1863 and is a prime example of London Dry Gin. It holds the title of world's most awarded gin.

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