Nikka Gold & Gold Kabuto 750ml/43%



Special edition with a removable metallic samurai armor and helmet on the top of the bottle. This blended whisky created by Japanese producer Nikka comes with its own metal Samurai helmet and armour. The version is called "Shirobin" (White Bottle), though the label is all black. The design of the label is as it was back in the 1970's when Nikka first launched it's Gold & Gold expression.

Producer tasting notes: "Nose: Very subtle nose. Floral and sweet with soft perfume notes. There are some grassy, herbal notes coming through accompanied by a green mint as well. There is a slight burn from the ethanol coming through even at this low proof. But overall, not a lot going on the nose. Palate: Light palate as well, with floral notes dominating with some vanilla sweetness. As the whisky sits in the glass, more pine and winter mint notes appear. Fresh cut lawn and grain notes. A slight citrus zest as well. Very mild spice which leads to a very light and smooth overall palate. It’s refreshing and I imagine would be excellent in a highball. The body is a bit thinner than the other Nikka expressions I have experienced. Finish: A short, sweet finish that ends quite dry and with a splash of bitterness. The grassy and herbal notes continue, this time accompanied by black tea and more pine. An earthy quality that wasn’t on the palate makes a short appearance as well." - Nikka Whisky Distilling Co

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