Suntory Umeshu Yamazaki Cask 750ml/17%

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Suntory revisits the famous Japanese plum liqueur, offering an aged version of whiskey barrels Yamazaki of Japan's first malt distillery. Suntory Umeshu Yamazaki Cask is produced on site at the distillery, from local plums and without the use of  any colourings or other additives.
The result is quite surprising in the mouth with a finer and less syrupy liquor than most of other umeshu, but in which one finds all the fruity sweetness of the plums with aromas of almonds, apricot and dried fruits. The impression transmitted by ex whisky barrels during aging appears timidly at the end of tasting, delivering some vanilla and woody notes.
The barrels of white oak hogshead used to aging Yamazaki whisky were toasted before being used for the maturation of umeshu. Drums were burned from the inside during 30 minutes in order to allow the wood to regenerate and produce aromatic components typical of whiskies aged in oak barrels.
Very popular in summer in Japan, the plum liquor can be enjoyed dry at room temperature or with some ice cubes as well.

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