Single Malt Whiskies at BALE

Hello there, fellow single malt lovers!

Quite a many of you have been asking if/when we are restocking those single malts that have run out of stock. Well, at BALE, we aim to regularly bring in a limited quantity (24 - 60 bottles) of a few different labels. This ensures we have a good variety, you have a good selection to choose from, and our limited storage space is well utilised. 

Our best advice? Stock up on more of those bottles that you love while they are still available because once they are out of stock, you probably won't see them back for at least a few months!

Anyhow, here's a captivating video about what goes on at Springbank Distillery, Scotland. Definitely adds a visual aspect when drinking the Springbank 10 year old. Down to our last few bottles so get yours now!


Single malt