Welcome to the new & improved BALE.COM.SG!

Dear Fellow Alcohol Aficionados

Welcome to the brand new Beer And Liquor Express (BALE) online store! The previous site was about 5 years old and was hosted on a really old platform. We faced problems with communicating with our loyal customers and some of you may have even called us to reset your password, but we were unfortunately tech-dumb and had to solve the issue by deleting and re-creating your account. Finally, we threw in the towel and the team finally decided to move to Shopify! Ta-dah!

Sadly, we are still rather tech-illiterates and were unable to port all your accounts over. As such, we implore all our regular Bale chums to create and brand new account on this spanking new online store! With the easy-to-use features on Shopify, we hope to be able to engage you better, and offer you more exclusive goodies from time to time. 

Rest assured our promise is the same as ever - to bring you the top brands at unbeatable prices. For Singapore, by Singapore. We know a good deal when we see one. That's why we join that insanely long queue knowing damn well it's gonna be worth it.

We'll probably be more active on Facebook as well. So do reach out to us if you have any feedback, or simply just to say "hi".